China is World’s Top COVID-19 Vaccine Supplier

China is the world’s top COVID-19 vaccine supplier, according to China’s Ambassador to the Philippines, Huang Xilian.

Delighted to know that as of July 2021, China has provided more than 480 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines to the world! This number totals the most vaccines supplied by a country to the world.

The whopping 480 million doses have so far been distributed to nearly 100 countries, with many serving as the first batch of vaccines obtained by most developing countries, including the Philippines.

The progress of Chinese vaccines when gaining a good reputation in the international community also adds to the confidence, safety, and effectiveness of using them in many parts of the world.

China has always been a firm believer in making COVID-19 vaccines a public good. I hope that this remarkable achievement of China further contributes to the accessibility and affordability of vaccines in developing countries and the equitable distribution and application of vaccines!

Covid Vaccines made in China
China-made vaccines shipped to 100 countries in the world.