Covid Vaccines Injected to Filipinos Reach 20.8 Million

Latest data on the number of anti-Covid vaccines that arrived in the Philippines.

Press Release: As of 01 August 2021, 6PM, a total of 20,863,544 doses have already been administered. 11,747,581 have received their first doses while 9,115,963 have already gotten the complete protection of the COVID-19 vaccines.

The total doses administered in the 22nd week of our national vaccination reached 3,661,123 doses with an average of 523,018
daily administered doses.

Our defense against COVID-19 and its variants is by following the minimum public health standards and getting vaccinated. Let’s remember to properly wear our masks and face shields, observe physical distancing, wash our hands, and ensure there is ventilation when we are indoors.

Also, let’s get vaccinated when it’s our turn and get the second dose as scheduled. Together, we can beat COVID-19!