New Battalion Commander in Cagayan Valley

CAMP MELCHOR F DELA CRUZ, Upi, Gamu, Isabela- After two years of extending services to the Cagayanos as the Battalion Commander of 17th Infantry Battalion (17IB), LtCol Angelo C Saguiguit formally turned over the command to LtCol Oliver C Logan as the 34th Battalion Commander on January 20, 2022, at 17IB Headquarters, Bangag, Lal-lo, Cagayan.

The turn-over ceremony was presided by MGen Laurence E Mina, Commander of 5th Infantry Division, Philippine Army. He welcomed the newly installed Battalion Commander and challenged him to put the finest quality on his duties and responsibilities to achieve the highest professional standards in the military and public service. “I believe in your capacity that you will be able to lead the 17IB with your utmost knowledge and skills to serve the Cagayanos and secure your Area of Operations.”

LtCol Logan is a member of PMA “Masikhay” Class of 1999. He served his junior years in the military service in the 7th Infantry Division. He held key positions that led to the various accomplishments of the Division and other units he directed. Before his designation as the Battalion Commander of 17IB, he was the Executive Officer of the 501st Infantry Brigade.

LtC Oliver Logan assumes as 17IB’s Battalion Commander

The incoming Battalion Commander asked for the support of the Do or Die Troopers to carry out their goals in achieving peaceful and progressive Cagayan and Apayao provinces. “I am grateful to MGen Mina for having confidence in me to lead the 17IB who have numerous accomplishments in the Philippine Army. Honestly, I have a lot of pressure now because I will continue my predecessor’s successful campaign against insurgency. So I implore every member of 17IB to lend me a hand during my stint as the Battalion Commander.”

On the other hand, under LtCol Saguiguit, the unit initiated numerous Focused and Development Military Operations that contributed to the campaign’s success against insurgency, not just of the 5th Infantry Division but also of the Philippine Army as a whole. Noteworthy is the intelligence-driven focused military operations that led to the discovery of five enemy abandoned encampments and the capture of two Militia ng Bayan (MB) members. A high-value member of a Communist Terrorist Group (CTG) returned to the folds of the law together with the 37 regular armed members, 173 MB members, 17 Sangay ng Partido sa Lokalidad, and 41 Underground Mass Organization members.

Additionally, four arm caches were unearthed during his stint, containing 15 high-powered firearms, 11 low-powered firearms, and various improvised explosive devices. The troops also recovered medical paraphernalia and subversive documents containing high-intelligence value. Also, a skeletal remain of a CTG member was exhumed in Barangay Sta. Margarita, Baggao, Cagayan.

Moreover, in support of the anti-criminality campaign, the 17IB was able to confiscate a total of 7,300 board feet of illegally cut assorted lumbers in the towns of Amulung, Alcala, and Baggao.

Further, the outgoing Battalion Commander will sit as the Assistant Chief-of-Staff for Operations, G3 of 5ID.

MGen Mina then acknowledged the efforts of LtCol Saguiguit. “I thank you for your leadership, and I congratulate the whole Do or Die Startroopers for your significant and immeasurable contributions in attaining peace and development in our Area of Responsibility. I hope that you will carry on what you have rendered as the Battalion Commander of 17IB when you assume as the Chief of Operations of the Command.”