Is China World’s Fastest Clean Energy Innovator?

By Ambassador Huang Xilian: China rapidly goes green, now the world’s fastest transitioning clean energy country!

China is now the leading country in incorporating a clean energy future through its scaled-up manufacturing of green technology in many sectors.

By the end of 2020, China remains the top generator of wind and solar energy with a capacity of 281.5 GW and 253.4 GW, respectively. From Giant Panda solar panels to the country’s Three Gorges wind farms, China has made tremendous developments in ensuring a clean energy future that surpasses any other country by a considerable margin. Both a top consumer and manufacturer of new energy vehicles, China is also one of the leading countries supporting and investing in the burgeoning electric car industry. The use of these vehicles positively contributes to fewer carbon emissions and promoting renewable energy transportation.

The progress that China has made by switching to green energy does not only make Chinese lands grow greener but also guarantees a better world for humanity to live in. Very happy about this encouraging news as many countries, including China, have pledged to make long-term greener initiatives that would benefit us and the future generations to come. Hope the country continues on with this path of development and serves as an environmentally friendly model for many!